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Aero has
found its edge.

When we decided to build a new fuel-efficient truck, we didn’t let the industry dictate what it should be. We set out to create something different. Something with the tough, traditional look of a classic truck, but built for the modern age. We didn’t overlook a single detail along the way, improving efficiency, aerodynamics and profitability so significantly, it will be sending everyone back to the drawing board.

Presenting the world’s first extreme efficiency truck. The all-new Western Star 5700XE.

Not your traditional mix and match offering, the Western Star 5700XE features powerful and efficient Detroit power exclusively. When these engines are coupled with Detroit™ axles and the DT12® transmission, you get a dependable package that’s engineered and designed by one manufacturer, maximizing power, fuel economy and performance while providing the industry’s best driving experience – all supported and covered by a single factory warranty.

You can also take efficiency to the next level with the Integrated Detroit™ Powertrain package. This combines the downsped DD15 with the direct drive DT12 transmission and specific rear axle ratios to provide the industry’s most efficient powertrain package.

  • Your drivers will be comfortable.
    And so will your accountant.

    Making a profit is important. But a driver doesn’t sign up with you because you run the most efficient truck. That’s why we set out to build a truck that’s a little less jelly bean shaped and a lot more truck shaped.

    You can see how everything we’ve engineered into this truck is designed to increase efficiency and reduce your total cost of ownership. Even better, since it’s a Western Star, greater resale value is already built right in.

  • Increased Fuel Economy

    A product that’s even greater than the sum of its parts. The Integrated Detroit Powertrain, along with incredible aerodynamics and lightweight components, make the 5700XE a wonder of fuel economy.

  • Incredible Drag Reduction

    Every design feature working in harmony with the next has created a truck that shrugs off the wind like any other challenge. The bar has been raised. Let everyone else catch up.

  • Modern and Lightweight

    We go beyond aluminum fifth wheels and super single wheels to shave weight. There’s our completely redesigned hood that’s light and strong, and our proven 10 13/16-inch single frame rail chassis that’s also light and strong. You start to see a trend here.

  • Durable Construction

    Making a lightweight, efficient truck is one thing. Making it durable enough to earn the name Western Star is something else. Luckily, with our heritage, we know how to get that done.

  • Cost-Saving Features

    From one end to the other, every element of the 5700XE was chosen or developed to reduce drag, reduce weight, reduce maintenance time, reduce repair costs and reduce your overall cost of ownership. We suggest meeting your dealer to get the full story.

  • Service
    The best service and support out there.
    Not that we expect you’ll be needing it.
  • Time
    Consolidated fluid checks save time with convenient, easy access to your most vital fluids, reducing your regular maintenance costs.
  • Protect
    In-cab fuse panel allows easy access while protecting critical circuits from the elements, keeping your truck working and on the road.
  • Power
    The largest air cleaners in the industry reduce service intervals, providing more power and profitability.
  • Tough
    Marine-grade rocker switches protect from electrical shorts caused by water, coffee or whatever might get spilled on them. They help keep your truck working – plus, they’re easy to use even with gloves on.
  • Support
    Wherever you go, you’ll have access to parts, service and certified technicians at 3400 service bays across North America to keep downtime to a minimum.
  • Technician
  • Tablet
  • Load
  • Cruise
It’s not the world’s first aero truck.
But it is the first one that’s Western Star.

It may be a new truck, but it’s a truck that’s still all Western Star. A Western Star using the best Daimler technology from around the world – all with the rugged components and craftsmanship that make every Western Star truck an incredible value.

The safest part of your day
is when you’re behind the wheel.

We’ve always taken safety seriously. That’s one reason why we continue to build our trucks with proven steel cabs. With the 5700XE, we’ve taken that passion for safety a step – make that several steps – further.



OnGuard is a radar safety system that offers collision mitigation. It detects stationary objects and alerts drivers audibly, visually and physically, applying up to 50 percent of the vehicle’s braking power and reducing engine torque to help avoid collision.

Ongaurd Illustration

Lane Departure Warning System (LDW)

Even the most experienced driver can drift off course. The LDW system helps correct that with audio alerts that indicate if your truck is drifting, and whether that drift is to the left or right. If a turn signal is used, no alert will sound.

LDW Illustration

ABS with Stability Control

Our Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) gives you greater control under harsh braking conditions. No more wheel lock-ups here. Add to that our sophisticated Electronic Stability Control, which applies brakes to individual wheels to keep you on course, as well as our Roll Stability Control, which monitors the vehicle’s rollover threshold and reduces speed accordingly, and you have one very solid platform.

ABS Illustration

Adaptive Cruise Control

Part of the OnGuard system, ACC makes cruise control a more useful tool for drivers by maintaining the set speed when the lane ahead is clear, and automatically adjusting when a vehicle ahead is detected, helping reduce driver fatigue.

Adaptive Cruise Control Illustration
Adaptive Cruise Control

All Steel Cab

A Western Star trademark. Our all steel cab is welded, gusseted and reinforced for added strength and safety, then galvannealed and put through our 12-stage e-coat process for corrosion resistance and long life.

All Steel Cab Illustration
All Steel Cab


We didn’t change what’s working, but that didn’t stop us from improving it. The mirrors on the new 5700XE are heated to fight off frost and fog, and are cab mounted for easy view without vibration. So you can, yes, clearly see the difference.

Mirrors Illustration
Hotspot Hover Truck Top
  • On Ocassion
    On occasion, the views outside might rival those in.

    You see a lot on the road. The one thing that doesn’t change is your workspace. So the 5700XE is built to make it the most inviting, functional cab out there. You’ll find a number of innovations – along with those things like real wood cabinets and durable Ultraleather seats – that make a Western Star special so every day on the road is better. It’s quite possibly the best experience a driver can have behind the wheel.

  • Ergonomics

    Our new driver-friendly column incorporates the latest DTNA technology to offer infinite adjustment for unmatched driver comfort, as well as self-canceling turn signals, windshield washer control and transmission stalk control with the DT12 transmission so drivers can focus on the road ahead.

  • Control

    The new state-of-the-art 5700XE steering wheel is available with a wood or leather-wrapped finish, and features integrated controls for the stereo, cruise control and cruise interrupt, as well as a Bluetooth® connection for mobile phones, so drivers can keep their hands on the wheel at all times.

  • Instrumentation

    Information is critical. That’s why our new Driver Information Display puts the speedometer, tach and fuel gauge front and center, and houses an easy-to-read update screen for Virtual Technician, so you can know everything going on with your truck at a glance.

  • Interior Space

    The staple of Western Star heritage, our cab offers amazing overall space and room between seats for driver comfort. And when paired with our lightest-in-the-industry tumblehome sleeper, the space is even greater with a true, flat floor walkthrough design that makes access easier. When something is working, we stay with it.

  • Insulation

    A Western Star is designed to be quiet and comfortable. And with features like our standard extra-thick floor pad, barium wall insulation and the naturally insulating properties of our honeycomb sleeper, it’s built to stay quiet and comfortable.

  • Workspace

    We expect the 5700XE will see all kinds of weather as it works. So we’ve added new ducting to channel air where it’s needed, with side window defoggers and misters to keep the glass clear in any condition. And with a NITE Phoenix non-idling HVAC system and Espar diesel heater, the climate inside the truck will stay inviting, no matter what the climate is like outside.

  • Backdrop Main
  • Prairie Buckskin
  • Smoky Mountain Gray
  • Pacific Forest Green
  • Maple Leaf Red
    Choose Your Backdrop.
  • Prairie Buckskin
  • Pacific Forest Green
  • Maple Leaf Red
North American built.
One truck at a time.

Like every Western Star truck, the all-new 5700XE is manufactured in the United States. At our state-of-the-art Daimler plant in Cleveland, North Carolina, each 5700 is assembled by hand, using the best Daimler technology available. It’s not the least expensive way to do it, but it’s the way we believe in.

Hand built in the USA
  • 5700XE Highway
  • 5700XE Profile
  • 5700XE Three Quarters
  • 5700XE Air Intake
  • 5700XE Cab Fairing
  • 5700XE Chassis Fairing
  • 5700XE Grill
  • 5700XE Headlights
  • 5700XE Head On
  • 5700XE Visor hood Profile
  • 5700XE Blue Heartland Highway
  • 5700XE Blue Right On Time
  • 5700XE Pewter Pushing Through
  • 5700XE Red Liquid Launch
  • 5700XE Red Over the Hills
  • 5700XE Red Peak Performance
  • 5700XE Yellow Ready to Work
  • 5700XE Cab Interior
  • 5700XE Drivers Seat Interior
  • 5700XE Powertrain
  • 5700XE Top Down Blue
  • 5700XE Top Down Grey
  • 5700XE Top Down Red
Come See One For Yourself.

No one knows more about the 5700XE than your local dealers. If you have the questions, they have the answers. Just input your zip code below and you’ll get the names and numbers of the dealers closest to you. Or give us your email to find out where one of our all-new 5700XE trucks is going to make an appearance.


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